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your sex stories;]

the first sexual story;] my own experience, share yours!

best sexual experience:

me & my girlfriend had been talking about how much we were looking forward to having naked cuddles and a bed day for a while. the morning after, we were the horniest things ever. we couldn’t help but tease each other until we were literally begging each other to fuck one another. we did had oral sex first, as i like to last longer when we fuck. so she gave me one of the best blowjobs i’ve ever had since we started going out 7 months ago. I came huge amounts. I don’t know what it was, but I just couldn’t help it.. it kept coming. She swallowed the lot, which is the biggest turn on. But she was hungry for more. I was still horny at this point so I just didn’t want to stop; so I slipped one of my ribbed condoms on and lay down at the end of my bed, cock up. She came over, and slid onto my cock slowly & we both let out a light groan. She rode my cock wildly, up and down; her pussy insanely wet at this point. So I began to rub her clitoris vigorously like she likes when she gets into it. She soon took over and began thrusting onto my cock and rubbing her clit faster & faster, letting out huge groans. These groans increased inside as she readily got closer to cumming. Then, just as she cums and falls over backwards onto my bed, my wet cock slips out of her pussy and out comes a stream of her cum. Showering me. This is the first time she has properly squirted and i’ll never forget it. The best sex i’ve ever had, without a doubt..

Sex story ;)
My boyfriend and I were making out, I mean the deep sexual kisses that make you drip. I could feel how hard he was and grabbed his cock. We lay down and he slipped his fingers into my wet pussy, I began moaning. He bit my neck and it made me moan harder. Just when I was ready for an explosive orgasm i whispered in his ear ‘do you want to touch yourself’ and he begged me to fuck him, I sucked the cum off his dick and started giving him head then he pulled me up and grabbed my ass I thrust myself deep onto him then we fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked. But it was a different kind if sex…. I think i love him.

a sex story:

I’d spent a couple of months at my new job, and was sick of it. My life was quite boring, i just needed something to spice it up. I saw it, at the back of the huge office space, the guy i knew i wanted. He’d been giving me cheeky looks since i had started, I knew he wanted something from me, just as much as i did of him. 

Everyone had packed up and gone home, and it was just me and him left in the big building to switch everything off. He was gorgeous. Tall, muscular, scruffy but cute hair and a cheeky grin. Walking over to me, he called my name. I was facing the opposite way so didn’t expect the rough hand too grab my arse. 
“I want you so bad.” He whispered into my ear. His voice made my body shudder with sexual tension. I slowly turned around to look into his big brown eyes. “…I sorta guessed.” I said smiling. He brought his hand up to my hair where he intertwined his fingers and pulled my face closer to his. Our bodies were suffocating each other. My clit started to tingle with excitement as I felt his big bulge against it. Kissing me he said “Do you want this?” I nodded. He lifted my body up and sat me on one of the office desks. Each second our kisses became more intimate and raced. Bringing his lips down to my neck he tip toed his fingers up my skirt massaging my thighs then pulling down on my thin strip of a thong. He rubbed his fingers on my clit making me drip wet with pleasure. Then slowly and gently he pushed two fingers into me, brought them out and then pushed in three. I cried out loud and he flashed his cheeky grin. My heart raced and I wanted him inside me bad. Throwing his sexy body against one of the opposite tables I got down on my knees and pulled at his trousers and his underwear. They fell down easily. It was huge and erect. I traced my tongue along the foreskin and teased him. Kissing it up and down. He could no longer wait and pushed it into my mouth making me gag slightly. His body rumbled with the horny moans. “Baby…” He whispered. Pushing me down onto the floor, he ripped at my t-shirt. Obviously happy with what he saw he suckled at my tits. Then because neither of us wanted to wait any longer he thrust his cock inside of me repeatedly, he made me cum over and over again. I screamed in pleasure. “Taste me.” I moaned. He brought himself out of me then buried his head between my thighs. Licking me in and out he made me cum again. I never thought I could get this much pleasure in a night. He lay next to me and we both breathed heavily. 
“…We should do that again sometime.” I whispered grinning

The wind catches our hair; causing it to flutter weightlessly in the air. Sand underfoot buckles under our weight, leaving an imprint upon departure. Dunes surround the secluded, radiant gold beach; providing ideal locations for intimate privacy. We glance at each other, knowing full well what each other has on their mind. Sex. I nod towards a small, but manageable. We quickly darted off, giving a brisk glance around the area to see if we were in earshot of any passers by.

I lay you back slowly upon the soft blanket, strewn upon the ground just moments afore. I rest my self between your warm silk-soft thighs. Our breaths quavering in anticipation of the fore coming events. We slowly kiss; tongues brawling with one another. Your hand stealthy made its way down to my my crotch, where you lightly grasp my soft semi-flacid penis. You follow the length of with your index finger until you reach the tip, where you apply a firm pressure, causing me to let out a very slight grown beneath my breath. I use my hand and follow your arm up to your body, where are slowly grasp your soft breast; nipples standing tall, erect, demanding stimulation. I slowly take it between my finger and thumb, rolling it back & forth. You slightly moan, grasping my gradually hardening cock in your palm harder. Pulsing your grasp. Lighter & harder. Lighter & harder. 

I slowly unbutton my trousers, and unzip the fly. Revealing my huge, naturally ribbed cock. Premature cum already seeping from it. You lightly lick it from it, using the very tip of your tongue and grin. I slow pull your top over your head, causing your beautiful perky breasts to bounce naturally. I take the breast into my mouth, slowly sucking on the nipples, whilst rimming it with my hardened tongue. You slowly remove your shorts, revealing a bare, soft vagina. Your pussy juice sparkling in the mid-day sun; for the mean while at least. I quickly pushed you backwards until you lay down, knees upright. I quickly thrust my tongue into her oozing pussy. You let out a slight squeel. I move up to your clit, sucking and licking it in rapid succession. Whilst slowly penetrating your dripping pussy with my fingers. You’re not moaning more audibly. 

I now rise, now kissing you passionately. I slowly grind my body up you, until my penis catches on you. You firmly grasp my ass, pushing me into you. My throbbing cock, slides gently into your pink, moist vagina. You arc your back as my cock slides further and further into you, hitting every spot on the way up. I repeat this, picking up speed. You’re now screeching “fuck me harder” & “i’m going to cum!” as we go through positions, until finally, you let out an almighty scream; pushing me from you, followed by a trail of your cum. Your body spasms as your orgasm explosively passes through each and every muscle. 

You get up, my cock still hard as a rock. Veins thumping, close to exploding. You thrust it deep into your mouth and into your throat, again and again as you grasp my balls. I let out huge moans as I feel my cum coming closer & closer. I let out a huge groan as a white stream of thick white cum explodes into your mouth and all of your soft beautiful breasts. It keeps coming as you continue to pump my cock until I run dry. We lay there, motionless as we think about the pleasure we’ve both just experienced; baking in the sun. Naked.


written by my boyfriend!

sex story:
I was at the library working on a college application. When I kept getting these text messages from my long time boyfriend. He promised that if I walked down the street to his house he would make it worth it. I gathered my books and made my way to his house when I had submitted the application. I let myself in and began looking for him all over the house. I searched the kitchen, the living room, and lastly the bedroom. 
Finally, I bumped open the bedroom door with my hip (I was still carrying my books). I didn’t have any more than three seconds to prepare myself for the attack. He slammed the shut door grabbed my face and began kissing my so hard. I couldn’t help but already be hot and bothered, I knew he wanted Me. But when he moved the kisses to my neck and my colar bones I dropped my books in a mess and let him take off my clothes. I positioned myself in bed, standard on my back because I didn’t know what else he might want from me. He started taking off his clothes- all the while staring at me with his glassy/foggy sex eyes.
He made his way up to me and started kissing me softy. Letting his hand wander all over my body, grazing my nipples and hip bones. I felt myself getting achey. He traced one finger teasingly down to my pussy and slowly slipped in it. He smiled at me triumphantly, he knew only he could be the cause of my wetness- college applications do NOT turn me on. He licked his finger then put his fingertips in my mouth, I showed him what I would be doing if it was his cock and watched my lips and tongue intently.
As soon as I was done with the last tongue flick that usually makes him cum he went done and started licking my clit teasingly. I didn’t know how to repsond, I let my head go and just started whimpering. Everytime, everytime he goes down on me- I end up begging him to fuck me. He knew that and he watched me carefully, teasing me endlessly. Now, he has a big tongue so when he licks all along my pussy its abosloutely amazing; and when he just presses it up against my clit and moves it about its still amazing; but my favorite, is when he licks my clit then sucks on it lightly.. He did all of these things to me and by the time he was done I had been begging for quite some time.
He made his way back up to me and kissed me, his lips tasted like me- but I loved it so much more. I grabbed him and started rubbing slowly, he gave his manly eye close lip tightened thing before he grabbed both of my hands and pinned them up above me.
He held both of my hands there with one of his (hes twice my size- army soldier) and slid a pillow under my back. I knew then that he was very serious about what was about to happen. I smiled at him meekly and he shoved in, watching every little movement my body made. He pulled out and slowly worked his way back in again. I just lost it, I knew I was going to end cum when I realized how much he had already worked me up. I loved the feeling of his skin on my skin- all over. (We don’t fuss with condoms because we’ve been together for so long). So he started to work it, slowly, in a rhythm that I am now conditioned to love- a rhythm that is only for me and him. We both professed our love and we both put our hands, lips, and teeth all over the others body.
When he started to speed up I closed my eyes and let my body relax. I heard myself getting louder as the pleasure felt deeper and grabbed my legs and threw them over his shoulder so easily. I smiled at him and he leaned forward to kiss me, that did it for me. Anyone who has ever tried this position knows- its maximum depth. I came all over and felt myself tighten and loosen around him while he kissed me with smiling lips. My moans were stiffled and nothing else existed- just me and his lips.
Usually me climaxing makes him climax, its reasuring that I am so sexy to him. But like I said- we don’t use condoms and theres no way were going to risk a pregnancy with him so close to being shipped out and me starting college soon. So he pulled out and I wrapped my lips around him. He leaned back and watched as I sucked and rubbed moving my head up in down in rhythm with my hand. He always announces when hes going to and he always tells me where he wants to; I always give him his way with me. 
I sucked and when I felt his start the throb under my hand I pulled him and continued to jerk while he came all over my lips, I looked right up at him and stuck out my tongue licking the sensitive tip, jerking, and feeling him cum harder.
After I had licked him clean and cleaned off my face I snuggled up next to him. He was laying there with his eyes closed a big goofy satisfied grin on his face. I kissed his cheek and asked him where my undies were. He looked at me out of the corner of his eye and shrugged.. 
"You can keep this pair too, but you have got to stop stealing my underwear."

ok, so last night after work i went and picked up my ‘friend’ from her house and we went down and parked the car next to the river, we went for a walk down to the wharf and then we began to hook up i had my hands all over her, then she began to undo my pants, but before anything we went back to the car and hopped in the backseat ;)
where we continued to hook up then she began to undress me, taking of my shirt, undoing my pants, then she kissed down my chest, and then she found my sensitive spot on my hip that made me shake, then she slowly stroked my penis from outside my undies only slightly putting her hands inside my undies.
she had complete control, at one point i sat up to try and kiss her and she just pushed me away telling me that what we were doing wasn’t up to me.

& that was it, by this time it was 2:30 in the morning so she told me to take her home.
she has me wrapped around her finger at the moment.
it was the sexiest most intense few hours of my life.
none one i’ve ever dated has been like that.
it was crazy, it was so simple, but she had me in stitches.
i want more. i want it all.
i’m craving her so badly 

My parents weren’t home and wouldn’t be for a few days, so my boyfriend came over. We’ve always wanted to have sex but we haven’t a chance to. We were just watching TV like we normally do and he kisses me out of nowhere. It was different then normal it was more passionate. I told him I was going to take a shower before I had to go to bed he said that was fine. I was so nervous but out of nowhere the bathroom door opened and he came in the shower with me and pushed me up against the shower wall and kissed me. We were both soaked and naked. He grabbed my breast and squeezed them gently and I was moaning so much so I got on my knees and started to tease his dick with my tongue and he started moaning so I put it in my mouth and started sucking while massaging his balls he couldn’t stop moaning and I stopped right before he cummed to tease him. He whispered in my ear he wanted me and we got out of the shower and layed in my bed soaking wet. He started playing with my clit and he burried his tongue in my dripping wet pussy and I’m a virgin so I was so nervous. But he stopped before I cummed for payback. Then he kissed up my body and kissed me and slipped his tongue in my mouth. I was moaning begging for him so he rubbed his dick against my pussy and I was begging for it. He gently slid it in at first and poped my cherry it hurt at first he took my virginity but when it started to feel good he went harder it felt so good and he went faster inside my dripping wet pussy and I kept moaning and he kept whispering in my ear that I was so good he wanted more. When he was about to cum he stopped and stuck it in my mouth and cummed inside my mouth and asked me to swallow when I did he fingered me till I cummed and he made me lick his fingers. He layed beside me and we fell asleep together and we woke up together in pure bliss. 

My first time was amazing.

My one night stand.

My parents were out of town for two days so I was bored out of my mind, I got on my facebook and read a message from a guy that I have liked for a while, He wanted to hang out, It was 12:30 so I knew what I was getting myself into. He came over & we started doing shots just to take the edge of the awkward off. I told him that we could go to my room if he wanted & he shot up & led the way. We laid in my bed tracing each other with the tips of our fingers, dazing into each others eyes. He then shot up & looked down at me placing himself directly on top of my body & pining my arms above my head, kissing me passionately & firmly. I quickly reacted & pushed him underneath me teasing him and rubbing his chest. He was begging for me then. “Baby can we have sex? please!” I kept refusing & teasing him making him want it more & more. “Baby I wanna fuck your brains out.” I was oddly turned on by his demanding. I asked him if he was sure he wanted to fuck me. He said yes. He then flipped me over and forced my shorts & underwear off. Fingering me gently feeling my wet pussy, & undoing his pants with the other hand. I reached my free hand down too his cock it was so hard & warm. I moaned “fuck me now!” He took that well & slid his cock inside me, I felt everything, the in’s the out’s He would go fast, & slow down. Kissing my neck & biting my ear. He managed to twist out “baby kiss me.” I kissed him grabbing the back of his neck & pulling my legs to his shoulders. He was going in so hard fast & deep. I felt everything so strongly. He picked my up by my thighs to place us in the sitting position. I started to ride him harder, biting his ear & sucking his neck. He was getting so tired & he just fell back, his cock was still hard, So I went down on him. His moans got louder & stronger messing with my hair & moving my head down further so I would deep throat. Pulling me closer to him he began to rub my Clit. I gasped from the pleasure which smeared a smirk on his face. I kept sucking. He then brought me up to him his cock still hard & said “let’s take this to the shower okay?” I sprung up & took him to the shower, I turned on the shower & we got in. I turned my back towards him for a second & he had me up against the wall. Fingering me and sucking my neck holding my hands down with his free hand. He had me pinned up against the shower wall. Rubbing my clit making me so wet, I was begging for his cock inside of me. He then turned me around & ever so gracefully jerked me up where my legs wrapped about him, my back against the wall. He then slid his cock inside me & fucked me so hard I was so wet & he kept commenting on how tight & wet I was. I was moaning so loud, he had to cover my mouth; i bit his hand from shear pleasure. He was about to cum so I got on my knees & sucked him off. He then sat me on the shower seat & began to eat me out, sucking my clit & fingering me until I busted, he licked it all off & looked up at me & bit his lip saying “you are delicious.”

That was the best sex of my life. Even though we don’t talk at all anymore.

Morning Sex Pt. I

I awoke out of dream, spooning her soft body, my arm thrown above the swell of her hip, my fingers tangled in hers between her full breasts. The sun bled through the blinds, spilling over her blonde hair, turning it golden. I could feel myself getting hard, pressing against her lower back. I lay there debating whether I should wake her and feed my desire, then found myself wondering if I could even tame it. She stirred gently as I untangled our fingers and ran mine down her torso, over her silky skin, across her inner thigh, back up the outside of her thigh, digging my fingers gently into the flesh of her ass, up her back…

The lust was overwhelming, it took everything I had not to flip her on back, forcefully kissing her as I threw her legs over my shoulder and fucked her until I came— but I wanted to pleasure her. I wanted to watch her want me as I painted my tongue on the inside of her thighs.

… I brushed her golden hair aside and planted a kiss on the base of her neck, gently grabbing her skin between my teeth as I held myself back. Her shoulders lifted as she inhaled deeply: it was time to play.

littlelionqueen submitted:Forgiven

Just yesterday(Saturday June 18th) my boyfriend and I had one of the biggest fights ever. I ran taking his keys thinking about driving off, even though I didn’t have my glasses or purse on me, but I came to my sense and walked back into my room. He was curled on my bed crying, never have I seen him cry like this before. It broke my heart in every way. He said “I was afraid I had lost you.” I said, “I thought I lost you.. I am so fucking sorry, I am so God damn sorry Ray.” We held each other for awhile. Then I decided it was time to take a bath. We got up and I began to get naked. He grabbed me and kissed me lightly on the chest and I kissed him on the lips. He pulled me on top of him on the bed and I rolled over so he can be on top. I looked  into his eyes and said “Make love to me..Cum inside me..” “Yes, I want to make love you too.” And he went inside me. Now I didn’t orgasm, and this sex story isn’t something like from a porn. It was realistic. All I wanted was him close to me and he wanted to be close to me as well. He moaned and I held him tightly as my breathing got heavier. He then came and laid his head on my chest and kissed me softly. I smiled and placed my forehead on his and said “I love you so much.” “I love you too Erin.”

A Lovely Fence

Oh god…

Okay, so I’m up at my dad’s house for the summer, but before I left, my boyfriend and I skipped school one day and wandered around the shopping center near the school and we were just talking, when I said, “You know what?” and he said, “What?” and I said, “I am really horny right now. Can we go find a place to have sex?”

So we’re walking around this shopping center, and then behind it, and there were so many people around, so we just kept walking and walking, until eventually, we came across these apartments. We walked a little bit into them, and found a dumpster with a fence behind it. We looked at each other and were basically like, “This is as good as it’s gonna get.” and so we went behind this fence, and he just pushes me back against it, pretty aggressively, and starts kissing me. We end up on the ground, where somebody had left a very convenient desk mat, making out. Slowly, he starts edging his hands up my dress, rubbing my legs. Eventually, my dress is pushed up to my hips, and he slides his hand into my underwear. He starts to work his fingers down, rubbing my clit as he kisses me, and finally puts two fingers inside me. I moan loudly, and he kisses me harder to keep me quiet. 

I get so hot, that I have to push him off of me just to keep myself from cumming too soon. After pushing him off, I quickly unbuttoned his pants and pull out his cock, and started sucking it, licking it up and down. When he’s nice and hard, he pulls my face up to his, and kisses me again, positioning me above him, and slides into me. He fucked me hard, lifting me up and then slamming me back down onto his delicious hard cock until I cum.

He lifts me off of him, kisses me and says, “How can I pleasure you, darling?” I’m still catching my breath, but finally manage to say, “From behind, please?” He growls, picks me up, turns me over onto my hands and knees, and slams his cock back into me. I instantly cum again, but he keeps thrusting himself in and out of me, pulling my hair and scratching me, then leaning down and biting my neck. Eventually I’ve cum so many times that I can’t even moan anymore, and he pulls out, and lies back down next to me, kisses me and says, “I love you.”

Monday, June 20, 2011 

I went to downtown with my girl, it was fun, we spent the morning over there. I took her to the “Placita Olvera” over by the union station. I decdied to take her in the metro then the car, I think it’s more fun and cool, cause you can see a lot of weird shit on the metro. I got pretty tired and shit, so did she, we came back to my house, like at 12:45, ain’t no one was here. 

She threw herself on my bed, I just looked at her, we were in completed darkness. We kissed and kissed, minutes later, she was breathing hard and my hands were roaming across her body. I love how she feels, every curve she has, every scar, every tiny little thin hair, every feature that she has to offer, I can’t get enough. Then out of nowhere, I started to take off her shirt and started to kiss her neck, her breast, and her chest. I didn’t want to have sex with her, because it didn’t feel right at the moment. I tried so hard not to, but this girl is just so irresistible. I wanted her all naked! I slowly undressed her, and started to guide my hands all over, feeling her every curve on her body, feel the warmth of her skin, touching that ravishing body of hers. I took off her shorts and slide my hands in her underwear, At the same time I was kissing her so soft to make sure that I enjoy all the kissing I can. Before I went any further, I stopped and asked her “Babe, are you sure you’re okay with this? Me and you? I don’t want to do this if you don’t feel comfortable.” She looked at me and started to cry, I felt so bad because I didn’t know what to do. She cried and cried. I was there with her the whole time, I didn’t get mad at her, I worried. Watching her cry almost made me cry, I want to know what was wrong and why she was crying. I told her “I’m not going anywhere anytime soon, if anyone is to leave, I want it to be you, so that you know I kept my word and promised that I wouldn’t leave. If you’re not okay with us having sex, then I’ll stop here and then, I won’t force you, this is your choice. I don’t want to see you cry, don’t cry no more. Baby I’m here for you and don’t forget that.” Then she stopped to cry a few minutes later. She later on said that she was crying because of the last guy that did her dirty a long time ago told her the same words. But I know for sure that I’m going to keep mines because I won’t leave her, I would want her to leave me IF we ever do break up, so she knows and will always remember that I kept my word through the end. We just laid there in my bed, I held her close to my chest, she felt the beating of my heart, it was beating hard. This girl made my heart race. She kissed me, and I felt so good, because I knew she felt loved, safe, cared for  and all that. I started to breath harder and harder, as did she, I carried her and put her to lay on top of me. I couldn’t keep my hands off of her. I wanted to make sure she was okay and comfortable, she said that she was. That was the green light to proceed all the way. I did the same process over again, I felt her every curve and that body never looked and felt so great. I undressed her with my eyes, then my hands. I took of my shirt and leaned on top of her and kissed her while slowly removing her bra. I couldn’t stop touching her breast. While we were making love, she said to me “Don’t leave me”. I said I promise I won’t, she closed her eyes, and so did I. 

It never felt so good to have sex, and want to call it “Making Love”. I love to call it like that whenever we do it. I can ACTUALLY say and mean it. I can really say that I enjoyed her body rubbing unto mines, I felt the heat, I felt the rush of blood throughout my body, like that movie type shit. God, this girl is all I need to sustain happiness. 

sex story:

We’d ran away to an empty, overgrown garden; somewhere to hang out alone for once. He took my hand and sat down on the grass with me. After a few minutes casually talking i stopped and looked at him, we both knew what we really wanted. Taking the back of my head in his hand he pulled me closer to him, kissing me softly on the lips then slowly making the kisses rougher and more sexual. I bit his lip, pulling at his hair slightly with encouragment. He sank his head onto my neck sucking slightly then nibbling at my skin. His hand ran down my stomach lightly playing with my shorts zipper until i could no longer wait and pulled them down myself. With a slight smile he kissed me hard and slipped his hand into my knickers, pulling the lace thong to the side. Gently he rubbed at my clit then slid a finger into me as I dripped wet with pleasure, then two. i let out a slight moan as he went harder into me and quicker. Throwing him back against the grass, i tugged at his trousers pulling them down. Then playfully I lingered my fingers over his underwear bringing my lips to his waist line i kissed his soft skin. Feeling his hard dick against me I slipped my hand into his boxers grasping his 7 inch dick into my hand. Sliding my hand up and down it I kissed him all over. When he couldnt wait any longer i brought my lips to his nob kissing his foreskin lightly then bringing the top of his dick into my mouth, licking at it, teasing him. He pushed my head down on him and i gagged a little with the shock, but soon adapted. i brought my head up and down on him, sucking and licking until he suddenly let out a sexy deep moan and cummed into my mouth. With a quick swallow i brought my self up and laid next to him, waiting for him to repay me. He didnt hesitate for a second. Burying his head between my legs he licked at my clit and all around and i cried out with the pleasure. Running my fingers through his hair I pushed his head against me more and my legs went wobbly with the sensation. My body convulsed and I soon came. He brang his head up to mine and soon enough entered my body, thrusting himself into me i screamed out his name. When we were done we lay next to eachother and breathed deeply. 
"Wow." He whispered.

i love lip biting

It started with me and this girl, we were just fooling around on the bed kissing and playing. Then we started to get more into it, as we were biting eachothers lips and playing with eachothers tongues, I slowly slid my hand up her shirt and lightly squeezed and rubbed her boobs, then as I took off her shirt and unclipped her bra, I started kissing her neck then her collar bones and then lightly licked and nibbled her nipples teasing her and making her want more, as I kissed further down her body, I slowly slid off her pants and then pulled down her underwear with my teeth, I could notice how wet she was already so I kissed and licked inside her thighs and worked my way up to her pussy, I lightly traced my tongue over it, teasing her, and then as I slid one finger in and started licking her clit, I could hear her panting and moaning, so I starting flicking and playing with her clit while I fingered her and getting her dripping wet, I decided to slide two fingers in and tease her G spot and as I did that she started to moan louder so I did it a bit harder making her cum, she looked at me and smiled and pushed me onto the bed and kissed down my body and sliding off my jeans pulling out my hard cock, as she took it into her mouth and started sucking it, I could feel it throbbing and getting harder, just before I was about to cum she stopped to be a tease, then she turned around with her ass facing me and slid down guiding me inside of her, I could feel how tight she was, so we started off slow, then got deeper and harder while I grabbed onto her hips and ass, we changed positions and I bent her over the bed sliding myself back into her, I started fucking her from behind while she was rubbing her clit, I could hear her breathing heavier so I started going faster until I was about to cum, just before I came I took her into my shower and I pushed her up against the wall leaving little hickeys on her neck and and chest while rubbing her wet pussy, I then picked her up and got her to wrap her legs around me while I fucked her up against the wall with the warm soapy water running over our bodys, when I told her I was about to cum she made me stop and kneeled down in the shower and started sucking me again, making me cum and watching her swallow every last drop :3